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Medical Record Technicians in Demand

Medical Record Technicians or Health Information Technicians organize and evaluate all the records that physicians, nurses, radiology technologists and other doctors recover from theirs patients, they want to help them give the best and  most exact treatment. The records cover information about symptoms, medical history, results of examinations, x- ray reports,  laboratory tests, diagnoses and any treatment plan.


Medical Record Technicians ensure that the entire medical chart is complete (properly identified, signed, right information). Most of the time they talk to doctors to clarify diagnoses or to recover more information about treatments or patients. 


Medical Record Technicians put a code to each medical chart and treatment so the process can become easier. Then they assign patients to DRG?s (Diagnosis Related Groups).


Medical Record Technicians use computer programs that optimize patient care, control costs.


Medical Record Technicians specialize in only one medical records aspect or supervise medical record clerks.


Medical Record Technicians work 40 hour per week; sometimes overtime work is needed. Their departments are open 18 to 24 hour per day, 7 days per week with differents shifts.


Each year more that 81,000 Medical Record Technicians.  Companies like insurance, accounting and law firms require theirs services. Some Medical Record Technicians are self employed; they give outsourcing to several companies.


Medical Record Technicians require 2 year of training that includes medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, legal aspects, coding, statistics, databases, quality assurance methods, and general education.


Medical Record Technicians earn more than $37,000 per year.

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