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The Importance of Pediatrics

One of the most important branches of medicine is pediatrics. This is the one that deals with the medical attention of adolescents, children and infants. In the United States, most pediatricians are affiliates of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This organization counts on 60,000 pediatricians devoted to the accomplishment of optimal mental, physical and social health and safety for every adolescent, child, infant in the country. If you choose to specialize in pediatrics, when you study medicine, you will find that this field is fascinating as well as pleasant due to the fact that children are the joy of life.

This field varies from adult medicine in several aspects. The most obvious difference is that as pediatrics treats young people in all their stage of maturation, they are especially prepared to understand all changes that growing involves. The smaller body of a neonate or an infant is significantly different physiologically from the one of a grown-up. Genetic variance, congenital defects, immunology, oncology and a group of other issues are characteristic of this branch. Therefore, to become a great pediatric, it is necessary several years of training and experience due to the vast knowledge you should have.
Moreover, as childhood is the period of more development, these specialists need to be able, for example, to recognize the difference between common variants and what is essentially pathological. As a result, you will find that in the US, pediatricians are considered the most important doctors together with internal medicine, family practice and obstetrics. So, if you start your education to become a pediatrician, remember always the smiles of those kids that are waiting for you to take care of them.

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