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Phlebotomy Technician: Essential Partner of the Medical Lab Team

Phlebotomy Technician (phlebotomist) is a fundamental partner of the medical lab team whose main function is gathering of blood samples from patients by microtechniques or venipuncture. The phlebotomy technician makes easy the compilation and carrying of laboratory samples and is frequently the patient?s only contact with the health laboratory. The need of guarantying excellence and protection for patients mandates severe specialized performance and standards for these practitioners. A phlebotomy technician, as well, takes blood for donations, research and transfusions.


They have to like responsibility and challenge.  They might be precise, work well under stressful conditions and speak efficiently.  They have to be able to deal with patients and be able to calm them.


Safety is the key, and all protection precautions must be taken in order to stop the diffusion of contagious diseases. Some of their duties are to be able to examine data and make appropriate advices, label and supply blood urn for processing, apply tourniquet to arm, locate veins, swab area with disinfectant and insert needle into vein to draw blood into collection tube. They also assemble equipment (such as gauze, tourniquet, cotton, alcohol, blood collection devices and needles), talk with patients to allay fear of procedure, take blood from donors or patients for medical purposes in laboratories, hospitals, doctor offices, blood banks, clinics or similar facility.


A phlebotomy preparation course at universities or vocational schools varies in time-span and frequently leads to a diploma of conclusion and in some cases a certificate.

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