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Home > Article Categories > Medical Vocational Articles > Trade Schools Claim Unemployment Insurance Fund System is ?Cumbersome?

Trade Schools Claim Unemployment Insurance Fund System is ?Cumbersome?

The system that the Unemployment Insurance Fund uses to commission training for the jobless is unpopular with trade schools; ?cumbersome? is the word they used in describing the requirement of public procurements.

There is no intention on the part of the Fund and the Ministry of Social Affairs to throw out the system, however, as they say there are no better of more objective approach for choosing the best offer.

Learning that the European Union decided to bank roll 166 million euros into the infrastructure of 16 Estonian trade schools, the schools claim that the Unemployment Insurance Fund ignores the fact that they are the best-equipped to organize retraining of the unemployed.

Tanel Linnus, the director of the Võru County Vocational Education Centre, points out the tedious nature of the process - a welders' course was inaugurated only two years after the tendering procedure was declared.

Linnus said, "Vocational schools no longer want to take part in the Unemployment Insurance Fund's public procurements. It is too much trouble and it is very hard to explain to the Fund's specialists each time that we have qualified teachers, manufacturing bases and we can cope well with teaching."

The other difficulty that the schools cite is that in many circumstances a private company has promised that it does have the teaching staff needed however at a later time begins searching for instructors in one breath.

This implies that the company may have supplied wrong information. To cite an example, one course provider - Sotsiaalse Õppekeskuse OÜ - that has won a multitude of contracts is said to be regularly posting want ads for teachers. Deniss Tsõri, a director with the company, explained that they do have their in-house teachers, but teachers, "like other people, sometimes fall ill."

There?s an admission on the part of the Unemployment Insurance Fund about having problems. But they explained that these problems are not extensive, and that on some occasional circumstances contracts have been repealed and companies fined.

Kadri Lühiste, head of the Fund's services department, said "We do not have the option of state-funded student places and this requires amendment of legislation."

Perhaps what could help reorganize the adult education market is a piece of draft legislation that will make the issuing of education licenses less formal.

According to Under Secretary Kalle Küttis of the Ministry of Education and Research, they are determined to make the review of educational institutions more rigid beginning with the existence of curricula, study facilities, and teachers.

However, for now, the skill of writing a good application for re-training contracts will stay to be a prerequisite. 

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